If you are planning a wedding, you want a memorable event. But you are probably also overwhelmed with all of the details, and may even be freaking out over all of the options. The good news is that choosing a date and a theme will significantly narrow your options. Decades from now, when you look at your wedding photo books, you want to have fond memories of your special day. If you’ve decided on a winter themed wedding, here are some ideas for themes:

Christmas Magic

If you and your loved one are fans of the Holidays, feel free to incorporate these into your wedding. This will include a lot of red and green, as well as a splash of gold and holly, and even mistletoe for the decorations. You can have Christmas trees, or garland wrapped candle displays for your table ornaments. Consider ditching the classical bouquet for red poinsettias, and substituting classic diamonds or cubic zirconia for rubies or other red stones. Not only will red provide a beautiful contrast against a white dress, but red also happens to be the color of passionate love. Wine red, forest green, or black are great colors for bridesmaid’s dresses, and will help compliment the theme. The same can be applied for the groomsmen- though the colors can vary between the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

You can serve you favorite traditional hot chocolate and eggnog for cocktail hour, and your favorite holiday foods for dinner. Christmas ornaments make practical, but memorable gifts, and you have the option of inscribing the ornament with the date and occasion.

winter themed weddingPhoto credit: Inside Weddings

Winter Wonderland

For this theme, snow is a must. You may choose an outdoor wedding in real snow- make sure to bundle up if you do- or have something artificial and warm. As far as colors, the winter wonderland theme offers a few options. Traditionally, a winter theme revolves around colors such as white, silver, gold, or champagne. However, you have the option of adding colors such as red, blue, and purple. If you are adding color, consider choosing one or two, and adding it to a few of the classic colors.

Your jewelry accents, decorations, and bridesmaids’ dresses will vary depending on the colors that you choose. For instance, you can add blue and purple to white and silver. You can choose between lavender, powder blue, eggplant, or sapphire for the bridesmaids’ dresses. You can even vary the colors, depending on personal preference, but stay with one color family for consistency.

Whatever colors you choose, make sure to add plenty of sparkle with icicles, crystals, and lights. You want your winter wonderland wedding to be magical and otherworldly, so don’t be afraid of making the entire venue shine.

winter wondrelandPhoto credit: Pinterest

Nightmare Before Christmas

Whether you are looking for a more alternative theme, or you and your significant other happen to be Tim Burton fans, A Nightmare Before Christmas theme is great for a winter themed wedding. This theme is extremely flexible in terms of color choice, but for the sake of simplicity you can use black and white as your base colors. From there you have a number of options for the decorations and outfits for the wedding party.

This theme is also perfect if you are a Halloween fan who happens to also want a winter themed wedding, because you can add splashes of yellow, orange, blue, and purple. You also have the option of serving your favorite spooky themed dishes to your guests- just make sure to give fair warning to anyone not familiar with the idea. This is also one theme that you will want to document well- so be prepared to splurge on a photographer and have tons of pictures taken by your guests.

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Ski Lodge:

If you and your loved one are avid fans of a mountain getaway, or perhaps you just want something cozier, consider taking your wedding party to a ski lodge. This theme is a bit more rustic and great for nature lovers. You have the option of adding a variety of nature based color themes to the lodge including reds, greens, and blues. This theme also lends flexibility in terms of color themes for the bridal party – just make sure to stay consistent.

ski lodge weddingPhoto credit: Style Me Pretty

Victorian Theme

If you and your loved one are avid history fans, consider borrowing from the past. A Victorian theme is traditionally popular during the Christmas season. The beauty of themed weddings is that you can adapt as little, or as much, of a specific theme as you want. The Victorian theme is all about decadence and elegance. This theme will work with a variety of colors, as long as they are complimentary. As with the Winter Wonderland theme, do not be afraid to let your venue shine with plenty of varied lighting and crystal or glass décor.

You can also go all out and allow your wedding party to travel to the Victorian era. If you want to do a period wedding, make sure that you are committed – and let your guests know as well. Be prepared to hunt down period appropriate pieces for the bridal party that will probably include petticoats and frocks. While you and your guests can expect to spend a bit more on costuming if you decide to go with traditional outfits, you will all be nice and cozy under a number of layers, which is perfect for an outdoor wedding in the snow. You will also want to scope out an appropriate location and period themed pieces. Many places will let you rent vintage furniture for your big day.

victorian weddingPhoto credit: Burnetts Boards

Your wedding should be memorable, as well as fun. Above are just a few ideas for a winter themed wedding theme, and you may well have your own theme idea that is completely different. Once you’ve chosen your theme and color scheme, the rest is a matter of finding the items on your list. While the search can be grueling, it is sure to be worth the work.