Weekends in the summertime seem to be a little extra relaxing. The warm weather that lingers into the evening, and the sun staying out a little bit longer seem to beg us to spend a little more time enjoying ourselves. Hopefully you’re enjoying a little extra downtime, and with it, the chance to get out and do some of the things you’ve been wanting to do for a while now. For me, that means catching up on some great do-it-yourself projects I’ve been collecting. That folder in my internet browser is overflowing with cool stuff that the internet promises I can make myself. I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorites that, I think, can be enjoyed throughout the summer. For example, the DIY kids hammock chair (yes, hammock chair) just screams, “summertime reading nook!” Without further ado, here are 5 Friday DIYs perfectly suited for summertime.

Hammock chair

The crafting geniuses at A Beautiful Mess created this awesome hammock chair that was featured on Makezine. What child wouldn’t love swaying here with their favorite book? I’d probably try to squeeze in there, too.

5-Friday-DIYs4Photo credit: Makezine via A Beautiful Mess

Grid patterned planter

These cool and modern planters can be made with just 1/8″ black tape, planters, scissors and a ruler. They look chic and sophisticated in their minimalistic pattern. Create any pattern you like! Get the directions and see tons of beautiful photos over on Homey Oh My!

Photo credit: Homey Oh My!


I love geodes. Geode necklaces, geode bookends, you name it, if it’s a brightly-colored rock crystal, I’ll come running. How much fun would it be to grow your own geode? Dollar Store Crafts has the tutorial for growing your own sparklies – for cheap.

Photo credit: Dollar Store Crafts

Design your own tote bag

I love summer weekend trips to the farmers market for fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Take your own DIY iron transfer, personalized bags with you and reduce your carbon footprint and send a personalized statement. Extra points if you walk or bike there. The Crafted Life has a tutorial for making your custom carryalls.

5 Friday DIYs2Photo credit: The Crafted Life

Herringbone wall art

Add a bright splash of color to your walls for the summer with a DIY herringbone patterned canvas from the blog I Should Be Mopping the Floor. Avoid your indoor chores by working on this pretty project outside, get some Vitamin D, and undoubtedly feel a little bit artsy at the same time!

5-Friday-DIYs5Photo credit: Kristi’s Paintbrush via I Should Be Mopping the Floor

I can’t wait to get started! Here’s to your summertime crafting!