You may think the procedure of getting hitched is pretty standard for everyone – church, guests, party – but you would be wrong. From getting hitched alone to throwing a huge party and everything in between, there are certainly no set rules when it comes to wedding ideas. If, like many, you are looking for a quirky, easy, quick, or extreme way of saying ‘I do’, read on for some unusual ways to get married.


maddie mae wedding outdoors snowy forest

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Romantic, spontaneous, and pretty retro, eloping is still a very popular way of getting married. There are lots of issues to consider before taking the leap though, especially when it comes to telling your family. If your parents will be easily offended by missing out, you should tell them beforehand. If you’re going overseas, make sure you have all the necessary legal documents…and remember there’s always Vegas!

Surprise engagement party wedding

hudson photogrpahy surprise wedding invitiationsPhoto credit: Hudson Photography

Can you think of anything more perfect? The people that really love you will all be there, dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate – you’re just surprising them with what they’re celebrating! As wedding planning goes, this one is pretty minimal to pull off, and can get rid of a heap of wedding stress. The key is to be careful who you tell in advance; pick two or three trustworthy people to help everything go to plan and get people there on time, no excuses!

Destination wedding

love me love my wedding

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Chances are, there will be some guests unable to make it to a destination wedding, whether it’s time, money, or work constraints, which actually works in your favor. This wedding idea works well for keeping your guest list to a small number, and if you’re picking somewhere already beautiful as well as sunny and warm, half of your venue planning is already done. Destination weddings can be a little trickier to plan; make sure you research legal requirements before, give yourself plenty of time for everything, and it’s a good idea to view the place in advance.

Festivalmade my julianne hippie wedding

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Yes, you can totally get married at a festival. From Burning Man to Coachella, bohemian couples are embracing the chilled out mood and music that comes with such a wedding venue. When picking a festival, remember it should be something that accommodates all of your guests – are you having grandparents and children there? Can you hire a separate part of the festival? And as always, check legal requirements!

Courthouse and after-party

natalia daruse courthouse couplePhoto credit: Natalia Drause Photography

Lastly, there is the simple and beautiful courthouse wedding. Maybe you want just two witnesses, maybe you want a bridal party, maybe even a few family members each; whatever you choose doesn’t make it less romantic. After all, Carrie did it in Sex and the City, and she had a great gathering of friends afterwards. Hire out a nearby hall for a small or large after party. This option is a great wedding idea if what you’re after is simplicity, family and friends, and some fun celebrations.

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