Are you having a hard time deciding which pictures to use in your photo album? Narrowing down a large collection of photos can be a daunting task, because each image reminds you of a special memory. How do you just throw some of them out?! Here are four tips to help you sift through your pictures, whether you took them yourself or a professional photographer did it for you. Once sorted, you can then organize those captured moments into a beautiful memento—a special photo album.

  1. To best arrange your photo album into a visual story, think of the day in terms of chapters. You wouldn’t begin a story with its ending. Organize your photos in chronological order from the beginning. Create folders for each major event of the day. For example, if you’re assembling a wedding album, sort images into separate folders titled,“Getting Ready,” “Ceremony,” “Bride & Groom,” “Family Photos,” and so forth. Get creative!
  2. Next, review the photographs in each folder and select your favorites. Don’t get overwhelmed by the multitude of images—look at one group of photographs at a time. Include photos that capture the details of your venue, décor, and attire to help set the scene for a more complete story about your event. Choose pictures that fit with other pictures.
  3. Once you choose your favorite photographs, create another folder titled “Favorites Selected for Photo Album.” Store your chosen pictures here, and then select this folder when you import your photographs into the photo album design software.
  4. A final tip to remember: When it comes to designing a great event photo album or wedding photo album, less is more! As a guide, allot an average of two to three photos per page. You could have some pages with four or more images, while other pages might only have one really great wedding photo.

With your wedding photos or event photos organized into an accessible, charming photo album, you will be able to quickly and easily relive the memories of your special day. Share the story of your event with friends and family by taking them through the precious moments captured in photographs and selected for your photo album.