Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to have the perfect day with your partner. Even if you are not the most romantic, the most spontaneous, and don’t like big dates, there are plenty of ideas both fun and romantic you can surprise your loved one with.

Music gig

So your favorite band is in town? Buy tickets as a surprise and see them! Leave the tickets for your partner to find when they come home from work, along with a note – Put on your favorite outfit and be ready for 6pm!

Wine tasting

Search around your area for wine tasting events and book the two of you in for the evening. It’s a fun and cultural way for the two of you to spend Valentine’s together – and get a little tipsy!

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Board game night

If going out isn’t your thing and you’re a bit of a nerd when it comes to board games, organize a board game night for the two of you. Dim the lights, put on some music, and lay out your favorite games. Keep a tally of the score and turn it into a competition. Winner picks a movie.

Movie night

Who says you have to dress and impress on Valentine’s? If what you both want is a laidback night, then a Netflix or movie night is the perfect antidote. Splash out on good snacks and alcohol, bury yourself under a blanket and light some candles.

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Comedy night

If you can’t handle romantic and serious, then go light-hearted and laughter-filled. Check out your local comedy scene and have a few drinks. Just make sure you don’t sit near the front…

Nature lovers

Romance isn’t always about fancy restaurants and dressing to impress. For nature lovers, plan a walk in your area with amazing views – why don’t you go at sunset or sunrise?

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Culture vultures

Dress up and take a tour of your local art galleries and museums. Stop at a bar in between each one for a glass of wine. A super sophisticated Valentine’s date.

Take the day off

Inform work in advance that you want the day off. Sleep in, stay in your pajamas all day, order food in, and just spend the day together – strictly no phones or social media!

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Scavenger hunt

This is a super cute and super cheap idea that makes a for a really heartfelt, romantic activity. Make a scavenger hunt based on clues only the two of you would know – your favorite plant of the garden, the restaurant where we had our 2nd date – leading up to a final prize.

Romantic bath

Invest in some deliciously-scented bubble bath, bath salts, rose petals, and candles and run your partner a romantic bath. Keep in contact with them via text to make sure it’s timed well and piping hot for when they arrive.

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Candlelit dinner after work

A classic, but a goodie. Take off early from work and prepare a romantic three-course dinner. Dim the lights and surround the room with candles. Be waiting for them with a glass of wine when they get home.

A trip down memory lane

If possible, book a table at the bar or restaurant where you met or had your first date. Sit and reminisce about the beginning of your relationship.

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A dozen red roses may be cliche, but it won’t fail to make your other half smile on Valentine’s, especially if they are a romantic. Wait outside their work with them, present them at your front door, or have them delivered to where they work.

Love tokens

Fill up a jar or small pouch with pieces of paper. On each piece write an activity like foot-rub, breakfast in bed, massage, favorite dinner. You each get to pick two that the other performs.

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Balloons delivered to work

Start the Valentine’s Day surprises early and get balloons delivered to your partner’s work. Don’t go overboard – a dozen or fewer will do. Attach a romantic note to them.

Love post-its

Take 15-20 post-its and write reasons you love your partner on each one. Wake up early and stick them around the house – the bathroom mirror, the wardrobe door, their shoes, their steering wheel, etc.

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Squirt gun fight

Connect with your inner child! Leave a water gun outside the front door with a note attached: I am hiding inside the house with a squirt gun. Here’s yours, come and find me. The loser cooks dinner. A great way to liven things up on Valentine’s.


Weather permitting, go for a picnic just before sunset. Weather not permitting, set up a picnic on the floor of your living room. Make it legit with a checked blanket, a wicker basket, a flask of wine, and nibbles.

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