Sunsets are beautiful in all seasons, creating gorgeous silhouettes, flattering backlighting and a natural beauty to your photos. Winter sunsets, although beautiful, are not always easy to snap because…it’s winter and freezing! Now summer is on its way and couples everywhere are incorporating stunning sunsets into their wedding photography. Summer weddings mean you can take advantage of the beautiful weather and keep your ceremony outdoors for as long as possible. Here are some of our favorite sunset wedding photos.


If you are lucky enough to host your wedding near a beach, this is an idyllic place to take some sunset photos. We just love these wedding photos that capture the orange hue of the light and catch the reflection of the sun on the sea.

serenditpity melbourne

Photo credit: Serendipity Melbourne Weddings

jill thomasPhoto credit: Jill Thomas Photography



If nothing else, sunsets are certainly romantic. Communicate to your photographer what you want to capture so they can get the lighting just right for your romantic moment. You can stand with the sunlight just between you two, creating an amazing ball of light between your figures. Alternatively, the sunset can be hovering over you, basking you in its frame.

alex and T photogrpahyPhoto credit: Alex and T Photography


Use the land around you for dramatic wedding photography. A city or mountainous landscape looks particularly incredible, and a wide-angled shot works brilliantly for this idea. Stand to the side of your photograph and let the sunset light up the frame.

ryan farran

Photo credit: Ryan Farran Photography

aruis photogrpahyPhoto credit: Arius Photography

 john li

Photo credit: John Li Photography


Sunlight peeking through trees and producing long beautiful shadows make woods and forests a picturesque place for a sunset wedding shot. If your wedding has a particularly rural theme, this will be the perfect complement.


phoo kissesPhoto credit: Photo Kisses


Even if you have mostly missed the sun, you can still create stunning shapes and images after it has gone down. Using what’s left of the orange glow, your silhouettes will stand out magnificently against the background. These shots are definitely frame-worthy.

new grund

Photo credit: New Ground Photography

joey chandler

Photo credit: Joey Chandler Photography