If the cost of your big day is beginning to skyrocket, there are ways and means of implementing handy and easy money saving ideas. There are hundreds of bridal websites that provide some amazing wedding hacks for the everyday bride, and we have trawled through and picked out the best ones for you.


With mighty tools like Pinterest and Hobby Lobby, there is little need to hire a professional to create your favors for you. Favors are something you can have fun and get creative with; you can choose something personal and in keeping with your theme. Popular ideas are home-made jam, mini plants, sachets of seeds, and small bags of candies or baked goods. Stock up on some mason jars, cute tags, artsy fabric and put together. Easy as pie!

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Hair accessories

If you’re looking for a major money saving idea for your wedding, hair accessories aren’t really the place to look. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you just want a splash of creativity for your bridal party, homemade hair pieces are fun and super easy. Visit your local accessory store, flower shop, or craft store and invest in (or find someone with) a glue gun. Flower crowns can look particularly pretty with very little effort, and is one place you can skip the florist. If you have some old hairclips, these can be spruced up in a few simple steps with pearls, sparkly decorations, and brooches.


It’s understandable for couples to turn to DIY when you look at the prices of professionally-made invitations. When it comes to invitations, the key is not to go cheap for everything. Make sure you have good paper or card, and if you opt for paint or stamps, try them out first to see if it looks good on the card. Create a practice piece so you can see how it will look, if it smudges, if the colors work, etc. Oh, and don’t misspell accommodation!

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Place cards

If you like the way your invitations turned out, order extra of your materials for your place cards, killing two birds with one stone. Do you really want to pay someone to put out little name cards on tables? No. Stick to your theme – whether it’s beachy with shells, natural with flowers – and cut down on your costs.


Lots of brides invest in pamper days for their bridal party, covering everything from tanning to manis and pedis. If you think this is unnecessary, you are not alone. It’s not your nails everyone is looking at when you walk down the aisle, and when are people going to be gawping at your toes? Get the girls round the night before the wedding and have fun doing each other’s nails.


This all hangs on what kind of wedding you are aiming for. Chances are, if you’re looking at other DIY elements, you’ll be interested in this, too. Most minimal or natural style weddings take the time to make their own, and you can too. Simple table arrangements, lights, bunting, and hanging mason jars can easily (although not quickly) be made at home. If you’re having part of your wedding outdoors, homemade wedding décor is a great complement to the vibe.

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Photo album

You’re spending a ton of money on your photographer already – do you really need them to print out selected photos and create a book for you? This can easily be done by yourself when you receive the photos from the photographer. Buy a photo album and print out the ones you want. Pretty simple.


Signs are very a la mode with weddings at the moment. From station signs pointing out the bar, the bathrooms, the buffet, to cutesy signs held by flower girls, you can make sure they are in your very own style with little effort. Pick up some chalk boards or rustic pieces of wood and decorate however you want.

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Yes, you can DJ your own wedding. In fact, Spotify is highly used for weddings. Don’t just look up the top songs and stick it on the system. Your music should be well thought out for each part of the day – you don’t want The Prodigy blaring out during photo time, just as you don’t want Mozart towards the end of the night. Sit down together and make a mighty, varied, indestructible crowd pleaser.

Make up

Maybe you want to invest in professional make up if you are the bride, but what if you have seven bridesmaids? Do you pay (in time as well as money) for all of them too? Maybe you want to do your own make up as well? If you want either of these things, then you need to prep – a lot. Buy good make up products – ideally ‘long-lasting’ and ‘waterproof’ for those tears – and test them out. Heavy eyes, nude lips? Bare eyes, bold lips? Contouring? Experiment with your bridal party until it’s right. Take photos to see what a camera flash does to your complexion. Stay away from glossy products, as you want to go for a more natural, matte look.

Cake decoration

We just love DIY cake inspirations. If your cake is ‘less is more’, or even ‘naked’, there is no need to pay a whole lot more for extra frosting and decoration. Add old photos, your own figurines, left over flowers, or favorite ornaments for an easy but beautiful addition.

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