One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is often being the groom. Seemingly less important, his fun wedding ideas less valued, he can feel like he needs to ‘butt out’ and leave everything upto the bride. After all, it’s the dress that gets all the attention, and sometimes your groom can end up feeling like a supporting character in a movie, when he is actually the co-star. So, take a look at some of the ideas below, to get your man more involved in the big day and getting some wedding photography will certainly have more pizzazz and pop!

1. Dancing

Get a shot of your first dance together, which is a great opportunity for the man to lead and take charge. Turning you under his arm or leading you around the dance floor are perfect snapshots of that energetic moment.

Photo credit Judah Avenue Photography couple dancingPhoto credit: Judah Avenue Photography

2. Picking you up

If you’re lucky enough to fulfill this act, then go for it! An over the threshold carry, a hug lift, or even a fireman’s lift provide great opportunities for the groom to shine, as well as a fun moment captured on film of the two of you.

3 Signing the register

In addition to the shot of both of you signing, why don’t you have a close up of just the groom? Maybe an over-the-shoulder shot including the register and writing itself, or perhaps just his hand? There are many options, each with their own style to complement the rest of your wedding photography.

Photo credit Ashton LamontPhoto credit: Ashton Lamont

4. Speech

While your groom may be sweating and shaking over the prospect of giving a speech, let alone being photographed while doing so, there will be plenty of moments of laughter and ease to capture. Cracking a joke and the reactions of laughter around him; directing the speech at his new bride, and the moment between you two; or even a moment where he gets emotional (though he might not be too fond of that photo snap.)

photo by berry studios, grooms speech

Photo via Berry Photos

5. Parody

Wedding photography doesn’t have to always be so serious and artistic, so have some fun. Some of the best moments of the groom can be captured with his groomsmen. A great shot to take is the groom himself being carried horizontally by his friends, parodying what is normally a bridal photograph.

6. Groom’s accessories

For a more artistic angle, some of the shots don’t even have to include people at all. Just as wedding photography can include shots of a hanging wedding dress with shoes underneath, the same can – and should – be done with the groom’s accessories. Arranging neat or aesthetically messy displays of his shoes, cufflinks, cravat/tie, and boutonniere on a plan background is an especially cute wedding idea.

Photo credit Kallima PhotographyPhoto credit: Kallima Photography 

7. Getting ready

Have your photographer take some sneaky shots of the getting ready process. From snapping on the cufflinks, to touching up the hair in the mirror, candid photos look especially good in black and white. You could also opt for some close-ups of tightening his tie and attaching his boutonniere.

8. Finishing touches

Like actors running their lines before going on stage, the groomsmen will be nervously waiting for the wedding to begin. Get some adorable finishing touches shots of the groomsmen straightening the groom’s tie or brushing down his jacket. This can make for a genuinely intimate moment between two friends, and one the groom will really appreciate.

guys getting ready before wedding in mirrorPhoto credit: Jason Group

9. Laughing with groomsmen

Pre- or post- ceremony, some great shots are in the groomsmen just having a great time together. Cheers-ing with their drinks, or lounging around and telling anecdotes, this is a great moment of friendship and camaraderie.

10 His reaction

Wedding photography wouldn’t be wedding photography without one of the most tear-jerking moments of all: the moment the groom sees the bride. Whether it’s real tears, shock and awe, or a huge smile on his face, this photo captures a true moment of emotion and is totally priceless.

Photo credit Danielle & Josh Menning Photography groom tearing uoPhoto credit: Danielle & Josh Menning Photography