One of the most fun things about planning a wedding is using your interests and passions as themes for the special day. When my husband and I met in 2008, we were young and loved swapping stories of our previous experiences studying abroad in Spain (for me) and backing Europe (for him). This grew to be a foundation of our relationship for the next seven years, as we were lucky enough to travel all over the world together. From trips to the Caribbean and the UK to a final road trip in California where he proposed, it was all a wild ride and led us to an amazing wedding day. Post-wedding, we continued to travel for a New Zealand/Australia honeymoon and finally an international move a year later to England!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our wedding in 2014 near Boston, Massachusetts that was a nod to our wanderlust and love of roaming the globe together.


Here we are! We did a first look in the morning before the ceremony on the docks in the harbor. It was a fun and frantic moment to share before the day really began!


One element that I loved was the travel ‘save the dates’ and invitations. We used a designer through Although this idea was more for a destination wedding, we loved the transportation elements and pretty colors we could customize.


The gold leaf made for a lovely detail that encompassed the turquoise and gold colors chosen for the wedding.


We tried to keep place settings very simple. This just mean a couple of flowers, some mini-suitcases and some books from my own collection that inspired traveling. My mother put some old fashioned stickers on the cases too for an added pop of color.


The guests book as more set up like an address book (for thank you cards) but it had a compass theme.


We had each table themed as a destination we had traveled to together instead of traditional table numbers. Place settings had stamps with our initials in them.


The cake also depicted several destinations we had been together,, were going to and hoped to see in the future. You can spot the Taj Mahal, Tower Bridge in London, Sydney Opera House and more.


I loved the minimalist cake topper that said ‘Come Fly Away with Me”!


I was super happy how the day turned out. Not too many details, not too busy, but just enough inspired facets to celebrate our love of each other and of traveling!

All photos taken by Anthony of Berry Photos.

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