Having a wedding means that you will most likely have a ton of beautiful pictures to cherish. In many cases, you may wind up with hundreds of images that you will have to sift through in order to find the best ones for sharing and posting, whether online or in a frame.

What is the best way to keep these pictures? Should you have them stored on your computer forever? Or should you print them out to have a physical reminder of your special day? A professional wedding photo album is the best way to go, as it preserves memories in a tactile way that won’t become obsolete anytime soon.

Here are 10 no-brainers to why a professional wedding album is the best choice for your wedding photos.

Family Heirloom

Having a professional wedding photo album means that you will have something that you can pass on to your children when you get old. If they are ever curious about who their parents were before they got married, this album can help your kids connect to your past. There is something much more meaningful to passing down a physical album, rather than a thumb drive.

Better than a Digital Album

Let’s say that you have friends over, and they want to see your pictures. Are they all going to huddle around a tablet or your laptop to see them? Storing images digitally is super convenient, but these aren’t just pictures of your night out, these are photos of your wedding – the day you publicly professed your love for each other, so you should treat them as such. Passing around a professional wedding album is much better than scrolling through albums on a tablet.

More Unique

Your wedding day is unique so, your photo album should reflect that sentiment by being as special as the day itself. Storing them on a computer does not give you the ability to craft a beautifully designed album that will be a work of art on its own.

You Don’t Have Time to Do It Yourself

Many of you are probably wondering why you should spend money on a professional album when you can just do it on your own time? Trust us, no matter how determined you are to create a quality album, you will invariably put it aside for a long time. Unless you want this process to drag on for years, get a professional to do it for you.

Won’t Get Lost

The problem with storing files on your computer is that sometimes they can get shuffled around or lost. Unless you take great care to ensure that your wedding photos will stay in a safe, easy-to-access place, you run the risk of forgetting to copy it over to your new computer and losing the files permanently. With a physical album, however, you can store that somewhere it won’t get lost, or you can put it out on display so that you will have a constant reminder of your wedding day – the day your branch of your family tree started.

Better Memories

If sometime down the road you two are feeling nostalgic for the “good old days,” flipping through your professional wedding album will be a remarkable treat. Sitting down and looking through physical photos has a much better impact on your memories and how you feel about them, rather than scrolling through a digital camera roll.

Captures Emotion Better

For some reason, looking at pictures on a digital screen doesn’t come across as well as seeing them in a photo album. If you find yourself looking through your pictures on your computer, it will invariably feel more like a chore because there will be this disconnect between the emotion you felt when the photo was taken, to how you feel now.

In comparison, going through a professional wedding album will be much better at transmitting your emotions, making it a much better experience overall. Simply put, you can relive your wedding day through a physical album, not a digital one.

Tells a Story

Unless you are going to go through and name each of your photo files differently, the odds are that they will be organized by file name, not by how they make you feel. Getting a professional wedding photo album means that you can tell a story about your life and your love, making it much more impactful and insightful to you. The best albums will have images of the two of you when you were younger, and then leading up to the wedding, so as to better convey how your lives were impacted by your love.

A photo album is a perfect way to remember the best parts of your relationship by reliving the story of how you met and got married.

Better Results

If you are still determined to make your own photo album, think about how much experience you have making them. When you think about it, you hired professionals to take these pictures (presumably), so why not trust them to make your album for you? No matter how well you think you can do it, a pro can probably make it much better. In many cases, they will have a much better idea of how to keep the photos together, and they will most likely have more materials to choose from to make it as unique and special as possible.

Be sure to look through other albums that they have made to get an idea of what you can expect.

More Convenient for You

As we mentioned above, like most people, you won’t have time to create a photo album on your own. Just sifting through pictures can take hours out of your day, not to mention having to go to the store for supplies and spending countless hours figuring out a layout and color scheme. All things considered, you can spend up to twenty hours of prep before you even place a photo in the album itself.

Save yourself the stress and get it done by a professional. It will be well worth it.