Baby’s here — now capture all the details of the day before you forget them! Though a new mama has enough to on her plate, ensuring that her lil one’s arrival is photographed is often at the top on her list. When you’re planning the arrival of a new baby, you want to make sure you have everything covered. Hospital bag: Check. Diaper bag: Check. Car seat: Check. Even for the perfectly-prepared parent, when baby makes his debut, there are bound to be some things out of control. Remember that even if dad is the designated photographer, he may become overwhelmed during the process himself. It can be helpful to create a list of all the moments you hope to collect and it will help remind you both of the important photo ops to capture. Here are 10 photos to take on baby’s first day.

Baby’s first cry

You may grow very tired of hearing your baby cry, but his first tiny screams will be music to any new parent’s ears. Get a shot as the doctor holds up your little one for the first time and he takes his first dramatic inhale.

Photo credit: Lisa Quinn Photography

First moments with mom

This goes without saying, but photos of mom and baby bonding are priceless. Get some pics of mom’s first expressions as she holds her baby for the first time. No matter how she thinks she looks immediately after giving birth, she will someday thank you for these amazing photos.

Photo credit: Kelly Wilson Photography

Don’t forget dad

Everyone will be focusing on mom and baby. In the hustle and bustle, its easy to forget about dad. Make sure to get some photos of him with his child for the first time.

Photo credit: Lindsey Scholz Photography

Hospital signage

Call us sentimental but as photographers, we love capturing all the little details. The sign on your baby’s bassinet is the first official notification that this little babe is yours.

Photo credit: KimberlyT. Photography

Baby’s first meal

Whether breast or bottle feeding, baby’s first meal is so sweet.

Photo credit: Lynsey Stone

Newborn bracelets

Another tiny detail: hospital bracelets (or in this case, anklets). You may keep these for years to come, but your little one will quickly outgrow them. Take a photo while they’re still on for a lasting memory.

Photo credit: Sandra Fiorella


Baby having her footprints inked is a perfect photo op. It’s another I’m-officially-a-parent-photo, and a really cute moment to capture.

Photo credit: Sugar Photography

Baby in her hospital bassinet

Make sure to get a photo of babe in her first bed.

Photo credit: Amber Hope Photography

Meeting big sister for the first time

How sweet is this? Let your little one discover her new sibling on her own (safely, of course), and capture her wonder and excitement.

Photo credit: Tina Boyd & Co

Or big brother

We love this precious first photo as a family of four!

Photo credit: Simply Heaven Photography

Mom and dad admiring their beautiful baby

Get some great photos of mom and dad together, in those first few moments in awe of their little one. If you’ve designated dad as photographer, make sure to delegate some camera time to grandparents, or other family members so you are all in some photos together. These are your first photos as a family and will be treasured forever.

Photo credit:  Vier de liefde fotografie via The Little Umbrella

Hospital lighting can be tricky. Bright overhead lights aren’t the most flattering. When you can take advantage of window light, by all means, do so. If you can’t and are still getting less than ideal photos, convert to black and white with post processing software. Your photos will also immediately gain a timeless, classic feel. Win win.

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