Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you have the ring, you want the world to know, but you’re stuck trying to come up with a fun and creative way to share the news. Here are 10 innovative ideas for engagement photos. How will you introduce this new chapter of your life to the world…together?

Interesting Engagement Photo Session Ideas
Consider a themed photo. Do the two of you have a favorite movie or book in common? Maybe you could share a fascination with a particular era or culture. Using a theme in your scene makes a charming photo.

If you’re going for a quirky engagement photo session, consider having your photographer photograph you pushing each other around in a shopping cart, or head to a Laundromat and use your imagination. Play on your senses of humor or interests to come up with eccentric engagement photographs that capture your personalities.

Reflections can create stunning pictures. Using reflective surfaces such as a shiny car, windows, puddle of water, mirrors or any type of reflective surface can change an ordinary image into an extraordinary image.

For the animal lovers out there, you might want to include your pet in your engagement pictures.

As a final touch for your engagement photos, include props. Balloons, decorative lights, scrabble pieces, letter blocks, or cut-outs create adorable additions to your photos.

Glorious Engagement Photo Settings
Maybe the two of you enjoy travelling, or there’s a spot that is special to both of you. Alluring locations set the scene for really beautiful engagement photographs. Here are a few ideas:  at a beach, in a forest, against a cityscape, at an amusement park, or in a zoo.

Do you know of a captivating landmark nearby? Maybe there is impressive graffiti around town you’ve noticed. Use an interesting or unusual background for an engaging engagement photo.

Every season has its beauty. Accentuate the time of year with an outdoor photo session in a snowy winter wonderland, beneath colorful autumn trees, among blossoming spring flowers, or in the warm summer sun.

Create snapshots of the two of you performing a favorite activity together, such as baking a cake, fishing, or riding bicycles.

The point is to make your engagement photographs say something special about you and your mate…something that couldn’t be said in photographs about any other couple. Your dynamic engagement photos will set the stage for a wonderful wedding!