If you’re a maid of honor, you’re probably well aware of the responsibility, time, organization, and not to mention money that comes along with the job. From bachelorette parties to gifts as well as the bridal shower, things can stack up. Bridal showers are tons of fun but often come with a hefty price tag. Here are some free printable bridal shower games that cut down on the price but not the laughs.

Wed Libs

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You’ve played Mad Libs, so how about Wed Libs? Same rules apply here. Fill in the blanks with adjectives, verbs, and nouns to create a hilarious – and probably rude – wedding story.

What was the bride wearing

This game is best to play at the beginning of the bridal shower. Keep the bride in the room for the first 10-15 minutes while everyone settles in, then announce the first game and get the bride to leave the room. Now you hand out a piece of paper and get everyone to try and remember what she was wearing – from her clothes to accessories and even make-up and jewelry. Whoever gets the most items wins.

Bridal shower bingo

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This is a quick game to play before and during the opening of presents. Print out these cute bingo cards and have the guests fill in the squares with what they think the bride will receive. As presents get opened, the bride should call out what the gift is so people can cross it off their grid. Yell bingo when your card is full.

Wedding jeopardy

This one may take a little more time to create, but is well worth the investment. Create a board with wedding-related categories such as flowers, movies, songs, traditions. The easiest questions will be worth 1 point, and the hardest questions will go upto 5 points. Create questions for each category and point variation and pieces of paper. Instead of going one by one with a buzzer call, everyone will be given 30 seconds to write down their answer.

Pass the love story

Similar to Wed Libs, you and your bridal party will create a funny story with your combined effort. Start with the first line of a story: Adam and Vanessa met in line at the bank. Pass to the person next to you who will write the next line, then fold the paper to cover up the first line. Each person can only see the previous line of the story before adding their own. The last person in the group reads aloud the final piece, which is usually pretty strange!

What’s in your purse

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You can customize this print out to include whatever you want (this is the censored version). Hand out a copy to every guest and have them go through their purse and collect points for random and useless objects. Screwdriver, anyone?

Bridal pictionary

Again, usual rules apply, but the theme is based around weddings (obviously). Either handwritten or printed, add different wedding-related phrases like something old, something new… or throwing the bouquet on a piece of paper and cut into strips. Divide bridal party into teams. One member of the team draws a slip from a bowl or basket and has to draw the phrase on a whiteboard (or similar) while their team guesses. Set a timer for 60 seconds before allowing the other team to guess. First team to 10 points wins.

Two truths and a lie

For this one, all you need is paper and pens! A great way to start a bridal shower and for everyone to get to know each other, simply get your guests to write down two true things about themselves and one lie. For those that know each other well, they will have to get creative. You may find out some surprising things! Keep a scoreboard to see who guesses correctly for each person’s statements.

Wedding charades

bridal showerPhoto credit: Bridal Shower Ideas

Print out the sheet below and cut up each item into a small strip. Put the strips into a basket or bowl and divide your bridal party into teams. When a strip is drawn, that person has to act out the wedding-related song, item, or movie as best they can without using words for their team to guess.

Love story memory

Begin your shower by getting the bride to share the story of her relationship. Coach her beforehand to include details like where they met, a song they danced to, the proposal venue and style, etc. You should both know the story well, and keep notes on what’s mentioned and what’s not. When you come back to the story later on in the night, guests will have to try to remember as many details as they can. Hand out a piece of paper to everybody and ask questions about the story – “what was the name of the restaurant for their first date?”, for example. Whoever gets the best score wins a prize.

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