I thought we’d end the week with a smattering of beautiful wedding images from the previous few days.  These are my personal favorites from around the web and I think they’ll inspire your own wedding plans. So what if you’re already married? Here are my 10 Favorite Photos in This Week’s Wedding Wrap Up.

I love the casual cafe vibe of this Swedish wedding. The mismatched chairs and stark white tablecloths look perfect and fresh paired with a little greenery and some beautiful light.

10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up1Photo credit: 2 Brides

Okay, so this shot isn’t technically a “wedding inspiration but it had to be included. This NYC engagement shot completely sums up why 8 million people call it home.

10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up2Photo credit: Alicia Swedenborg

I never tire of a tent wedding and this one is exceptional. The wooden chairs, beautiful pastel palette, and chandeliers are seriously classing up this otherwise, plain jane tent. White tents are the ultimate blank canvases for the creative couple.10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up3Photo credit: Steve dePino

You know how you’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding? If you’re a bridesmaid, I say, “to heck with that rule.” This dreamy trio can only compliment the bride on her big day.
10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up4Photo credit: Josh Gruetzmacher

I just love this first look photo. Forget wedding day jitters; that groom is in total peace waiting for, and dreaming of, his bride.
10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up5Photo credit: Lane and Dittoe

This BLUE dress is perfection.
10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up6Photo credit: Peter and Veronika

Speaking of blue, this bride’s beautiful bouquet is tied with several blue sashes, embroidered with a word that her groom, and each of her bridesmaids chose to describe her.10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up7Photo credit: Megan Welker

This needs no explanation.10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up8Photo credit: Megan Welker

And neither do these shoes. They’re just here to help you get to the weekend.10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up9Photo credit: Christina McNeill

Another beauty by Christina McNeill. Who said chivalry was dead? At least on your wedding day, it’s alive and kickin’.10-Favorite-Photos-in-This-Week's-Wedding-Wrap-Up10Photo credit: Christina McNeill

So are you feeling ready to tackle that wedding planning? Or at least ready for the weekend? I thought so.