Wedding planning is one of the most stressful activities you can undertake, and sometimes you can forget to take time for yourself outside of the wedding drama. Date nights can seem arbitrary if you have been together for many years, but they don’t have to be your standard dinner-and-a-movie nights. Get creative with your date night ideas and be excited to spend time with each other again.

Learn a new hobby together

Attend a class on something you have wanted to do for a while, or something completely random. It can be learning a new language, a cooking class, or an art class. It can be as interesting or as silly as you want – have some fun with your ideas.


You may not be a dancer, and that’s okay. You don’t have to take this completely seriously. Look up local salsa clubs in the area and throw yourself into it. There will be so many other people on the dance floor – of all levels – that no one will notice your moves. The aerobic movements will generate some feel-good endorphins in your body, so matter what you do, it will be hard not to enjoy yourself.

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If you are wedding planning during the spring or summer months, then take advantage of the nice weather and take your dinner outside. Have a little fun planning your date; get plenty of blankets, stop by your local shop to pick up bits and pieces, pick out some music for the occasion, and find a suitable spot. This is a very simple but great way to simply communicate with each other. No wedding talk allowed!

Wine tasting

If you’re feeling a little romantic, search for wine tasting events in your area. Get dressed up for the occasion, and feel as sophisticated as the wine you are tasting.

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Treasure hunt

Embrace the inner child in you and create a treasure hunt. Better yet, did you know you can hire a company to make a treasure hunt for you? It’s true, but seeing as you are saving for an upcoming wedding, best stick to the money saving option. It’s tons of fun and you can make the clues very personal, too.

Comedy night

If you live in or near a big city, chances are there will be a comedy scene. Find your nearest comedy club and have a night of giggles. Amateur comedy nights are usually fairly cheap, and loads of fun. It will certainly take your mind off wedding planning for the night.

Music gig

You probably have plenty of music gigs near you as well. You don’t have to splash out lots of money on a famous band the two of you enjoy; take a risk and turn up to an unknown band’s gig. Ask around or check online, there will definitely be a bar near you hosting something soon.

Fun activities

If you’re not too worried about being a bit goofy and cheesy, fun dates like bowling, ice-skating, and rollerblading are all really fun date ideas. Cheap, cheerful, and cheesy all the way!

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 Culture vultures

Explore what your town or city has to offer in terms of galleries and museums. You might be surprised what you could learn about art you like, or even the place you live and its history. Galleries and museums often have free entry once a week, usually Sunday, so you can save those pennies.


This one may not even seem like a date, which is part of the beauty of it. Walking or hiking is a great way to take time off from wedding planning, get some fresh air in the outdoors, and explore the place you live in. Endorphins are a great antidote to stress, after all.

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