What better way to see your child grow than to document their first year through photos? While a baby book is a great idea, it often goes forgotten after the first few pages. Here are 10 creative ways to celebrate and remember your baby’s first year forever.

Baby and toy

Each month, lay your baby next to a large toy or teddy and take a photo from above. You may need a bright-colored distraction for them to look at the camera. It’s best to use a large toy to see your little one catch up in size!

first yearPhoto credit: Kristen Honey Cutt


Okay, so regular baby books are difficult to keep up with, but if you make your own scrapbook, you can make your own rules. Add in photos, swatches of clothes they have grown out of, news headlines from their first year, and notes of milestones like June – teething, December – first smiles!.

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It may seem daunting, but making an infographic is super easy. Gather a bunch of notes that you want on your baby’s infographic.This can be basic information like birthday, weight, height, name; you can add in photos from 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, then stretch to intimate information like tickle points, eye color, nicknames, and diaper size as well as milestones like sitting and crawling. Choose and download an infographic template from a infographic-making website and customize to your liking. These make great send-arounds for family members, and look great on your wall too.

first yearPhoto credit: Miss Poppy Designs

Baby bodysuits

You can purchase baby bodysuits with their age in months on the front. Snap a picture every month from an overhead angle. Alternatively, you can make or buy stickers and attach to a plain bodysuit.

first yearPhoto credit: Parents


Take a large canvas and turn it into a print piece with your baby’s footprints! Watch them grow in their first year by the size of their feet. Write each month underneath their footprint and fill your canvas with it. Frame and hang on your wall to admire for years to come.

first yearPhoto credit: Allenaim

Chalkboard photos

You can easily purchase a large piece of chalkboard and make a fantastic creative photo montage with your baby. For each month or week, note their height, weight, and age. Get creative with your decorative writing!

first yearPhoto credit: Kara’s Party Ideas

Time lapse video

This one takes dedication, but it is definitely worth it. If you have 5 spare minutes every day, snap 2-3 seconds’ footage of your baby and at the end of the 12 months, edit the footage together, making sure each day is the same length. You can do this two ways: footage from any time and place, or precise footage of your baby in the same position, in the same place, same (or similar) clothing, with the same kind of light. You will have a priceless end product.

first yearPhoto credit: She Knows

12-month outfit

Buy an outfit – like a onesie – that fits a 12-month-old and make this the focus of your photo montage. Each month or week, snap a picture of your little one wearing the outfit and see them grow until it fits – or they may even outgrow it! Super cute and rewarding.

first yearPhoto credit: Erica’s Bloggity Blog

Calendar photos

Snap pictures of your baby’s first year by placing them next to a calendar. You can also add some decoration like flowers and sheep toys for spring, a toy snowman and winter hat for winter, and a mini pumpkin and some leaves for autumn, etc.

first yearPhoto credit: Ashley Ann Photography

Sibling photos

If you have other children, watch them grow too! It may take some bribing and a lot of patience, but take a few minutes each week or month and take a photo of the siblings together. The younger they are, the quicker you will see them change.

first yearPhoto credit: Summerland Photography

There are a ton of other creative ideas you can try – what’s your favorite?

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