We all love a guilty pleasure reality show binge, and wedding shows make up some of the best reality shows on TV. Whether you’re looking for tips for your upcoming wedding, inspiration for planning a wedding, or just some good old drama and extravagance, here is a list of the top ten wedding shows.

10 Best Wedding Shows on TV NowPhoto Credit: Peter Wong

1. Say Yes to the Dress

Following the day-to-day happenings at Manhattan store Kleinfield Bridal, Say Yes to the Dress is many people’s go-to choice for wedding shows. Seeing the ins and outs of many different brides’ wedding plans, as well as – most importantly – her chosen dress and its journey along the way is enough to get the wedding feels in anybody’s mind. With dresses sold in the price range of $2,000-$40,000, it is undeniably fun seeing the pure exquisiteness of each bride’s choice and the excitement of the final fitting.

2. Four Weddings

Like the Come Dine with Me of weddings, this show hailing from the UK is great for a bit of drama. Four couples attend each other’s weddings and aim to impress as they will each be marked for how well they do; the winning couple wins a luxury honeymoon

Four Weddings TV Show on TLCPhoto Source: TLC – Four Weddings

3. My Fair Wedding

What everyone planning a wedding has ever dreamed of: a dream celebrity wedding planning to rush in and do everything for you, ten times better than you ever would. For these lucky couples who send in their videotapes and win over celebrity wedding planner David Tutera, it really is a dream come true, and great TV.

4. My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding

Trash TV at its finest, there is a reason this is #4 on the list. With dresses wider than people are tall, inter-family feuds, and glitter glitter glitter, we see how weddings go down in the gypsy family. And it usually happens with quite a lot of drama. This one is more like how not to organize a wedding.

5. Bridezillas

Following the lives of some of the most demanding brides-to-be on the run up to their weddings, Bridezillas is a great, light-hearted wedding program to watch. If you’re in the mood for epic breakdowns and screaming matches, this is the top dog. Tips on how not to act before your wedding also included.

6. I Found the Gown

As the name suggests, this show focuses on brides hunting down their dream dress. Based in Boston, we follow Vows Bridal Salon and owners Rick and Leslie who are hired by brides across the country to track down designer dresses at discount prices, wherever they can find them. Satisfaction galore.

7. Curvy Brides

There’s a dream dress out there for every woman, no matter what her size is! In this show the Harris sisters, the owners of Curvaceous Couture, a unique Maryland-based bridal salon, help curvy brides experience their dream of finding the perfect wedding dress.

8. Platinum Weddings

This show is either for those rich enough to get ideas from it, or – like the rest of us – to ogle and aspire to. Going to extreme lengths to part ways with their money, from arriving on an elephant to featuring a $30,000 wedding cake, extravagant is a word that barely covers these weddings.

9. Bride By Design

Dreaming of a one-of-a-kind dress for your wedding day? Then this is the show for you. Follow designer Heidi Elnora as she designs and creates custom wedding gowns with “Southern sparkle” for brides at her Alabama boutique.

10. Don’t Tell the Bride

Originating from the UK, #10 is a guilty pleasure, watch-behind-your-fingers, cringe-inducing feast for the eyes. Each episode follows a couple given a budget of $25,000 for their wedding – with one catch: the groom is responsible for everything. The venue, the theme, the reception…even the dress. The big pay-off is discovering just exactly how the bride will react…

What do you think? Is there a show on this list that you like more than the others? Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!