About Eileen Cotter Wright

Eileen Cotter Wright is a professional freelance writer and photographer, specializing in lifestyle and travel. She's an American currently living in London, UK. Her own travel-themed wedding to her British spouse was in 2014. You can connect with her on her blog CrookedFlight.com.

Perfect Beaches for Destination Weddings Around the World

Ahhhh, the beach. Is there no where else as wonderful as the coast? There's a reason people flock to beaches all over the planet for their destination weddings. From east to west, Asia to the Caribbean and everywhere in between, beaches offer an ideal setting for love. Not to mention, every one of them has a [...]

Inspiration for a Travel-Themed Wedding

One of the most fun things about planning a wedding is using your interests and passions as themes for the special day. When my husband and I met in 2008, we were young and loved swapping stories of our previous experiences studying abroad in Spain (for me) and backing Europe (for him). This grew to [...]

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Honeymoon Destination: The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Let go of all worries and take a ride through Italy's iconic southern coast. While many envision vacations to Rome or Milan when heading to Italy, the Amalfi Coast and surrounding hotspots is where the true heart of this beautiful country lies. There are a dozen or so small villages along the coast and up in [...]

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10 of the Best Songs for Your Wedding

One of the most fun parts of planning your wedding has to be picking the music. But it’s almost like the candy shop problem; when there’s too much choice, how do you possibly choose? Not only do you have your ceremony music to choose, but also first dance, reception music, and general tunes for later [...]

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A Road Trip Through Iceland: Photos

There's something incredible about a place seemingly untouched by other people. Although the country of Iceland is home to 300,000 people, many will hibernate through the long, dark winters. So when you drive along snow covered roads, it could be hours until you see another car or person. This makes for a very surreal experience, [...]

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Wonderful Valentine’s Day Inspired Wedding Ideas

Love is in the air and all around this time of year. Valentine's Day is a perfect moment for sharing that special connection between you and the one you love. And if you're in the middle of wedding planning it can be even more exciting! Some couples will choose to have their special day on [...]

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Travel Writers Share Their Best Photos Worldwide

Have you ever taken a photo while traveling and thought, I can't wait to show everyone back home! Some of our fondest memories happen on the road - whether we're sharing daiquiris with loved ones in the Caribbean, trekking solo across the Swiss Alps or anywhere in between. Just make sure you do something special with those [...]

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5 Alternative Ideas for DIY Photo Albums

Custom DIY albums aren't just for weddings anymore! There's a zillion reasons you could create your own customized, priceless album that can showcase your memories, highlight your professional work or remind you of loved ones. Here's a couple out-of-the-box inspirations: An Epic Vacation Album Showing that giant mountain range to your friend on your cell [...]

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Top 7 Wedding and Engagement Photos with Pets

Pets are our best friends for life. Just because we're getting married doesn't mean they'll be out of the picture! In fact, many couples love to have thier furry (and sometimes scaly) friends in their photo shoots as a new family. Some photographers come up with super clever ways to pose the pets and others [...]

Fizara Giveaway: Win a 12×12 Acrylic Cover Photo Album (Worth $399.99!)

We're pleased to offer Fizara fans a chance to win a fantastic prize from our premium album collection! Take home a customized 12x12 Acrylic Cover Photo Album, retailed at $399.99. This DIY photo album can be used for a wide variety of occasions. Is there a new baby in the family? Did you just take [...]

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