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Fully customizable with the most options available anywhere

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Free professional design tips & tricks, plus samples to reference

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US based live support in English, Spanish, or French, and video tutorials for hard-core DIYers

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Download our FREE easy to use photo album design software.

With professionally designed templates, backgrounds, and graphics.



The Smart-Wizard will create a beautiful design in 30 seconds or less!

Keep it as-is or change and personalize it to your heart’s content!



Order your album with your choice of cover and features.

You get it in half the time and at same low price photographers get!

Download Free Photo Album Software

Create professional-looking photo albums without hiring a designer

It’s QUICK, it’s EASY, and it’s FREE!


Fizara Album Designer for PC

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Fizara Album Designer for Mac

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Free Photo Album Design Software

Photo Album Design Software Features

Save time with the smart album wizard – the software will design your photo album in 30 seconds or less

Include photos from your computer, Facebook, Flickr or Picasa

Your photos are elegantly arranged in the order they were taken or feel free to edit or add photos one-by-one

Pre-designed templates you can easily personalize and save for future use

Creative design elements that you can use as-is or play with to your heart’s content

Each and every page in your photo album can be adjusted to complement your photos and personal style

Extensive collection of backgrounds, layouts & embellishments

  • 300+ backgrounds to choose from
  • 600+ templates to choose from
  • 1000+ graphics to choose from

Quickly and easily edit photos – crop, zoom, rotate, remove red-eye, change tint, or fade

Easily add, delete, move and resize pictures and text anywhere

Add captions or page titles and never forget where and when a photo was taken

Easily place photos across two pages – showcase panoramic photos across two pages for a bold statement

Image resolution check to ensure your images look their best

Download Free Photo Album Software

Create professional-looking photo albums without hiring a designer

It’s QUICK, it’s EASY, and it’s FREE!


Fizara Album Designer for PC

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Fizara Album Designer for Mac

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Fizara Album Designer.

You can do either. Your options are unlimited. You can design your own layouts from scratch, or choose from hundreds of pre-designed layouts. You can even choose one of our pre-designed layouts and personalize it as much or as little as you like. You can then save the custom layouts you create to use in other projects.
Absolutely not! We give you unlimited freedom. Every element is customizable including layouts, fonts, colors, overlays, spreads, etc. You can crop, fade, apply filters, to your images, and create your own grid for precise layout, etc. You can place photos or text anywhere on your page at any size, angle or transparency. You can create collages, have several layers of images and text, use any font style or language installed on your computer, add pre-designed frames, flourishes etc. Select from dozens of page layouts, book themes, borders and background designs. It’s your book, so
build it your way.
You can use any jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp or Photoshop files.
If you leave blank pages in your album design they will print as pure white pages. If you don’t want them to be white, you have several options for changing the background like adding a solid color or textured background. Blank pages can be handy for guest books, shower books, yearbooks, or any photo book where you want to leave room for people to write on.
Yes, absolutely, and Fizara Album Designer will check it and help you identify any design problems before sending it to print.
Yes, you can share your album design by clicking on the “Share Online” button. Anyone you send the link to, will be able to flip through a virtual preview of your printed album on any web browser. You can even share the link on Facebook.
Yes, you can. Just go to the edit menu and click on “Change Book…”
Yes, you can design your own layouts in any program. Simply chose the “Start an Empty Album” option in Fizara Album Designer, and add your layouts to the album before placing your order. Always add an extra 1/8 of an inch (0.125) around the entire 2 page layout to fill the bleed area in the software.
Yes, Fizara Album Designer will give you a warning if the resolution of any of your images are low. To avoid having a picture appear blurry or pixilated when printed, use a larger version of the photo (if you have one), or simply reduce the size of the photo in your layout.
No. The software will resize the images to the appropriate size before creating the production file and sending them to us to produce your product.
Want to know more?
Check out the FAQs on the Help Center page, or contact our support team to get your questions answered.

Photo album design software should be fast and easy to use. Sadly, all too often it isn’t. That’s why here at Fizara we give you the most user-friendly, warp speed photo album design software you’ll find anywhere.

Your passion is getting the photos you love into great-looking photo albums; the last thing you should have to worry about is getting the blasted software to do its thing sometime before the turn of the 22nd century. With our fast, FREE photo album design software, you can be done in as little as thirty seconds. (Some of our customers have clocked themselves at faster than 30 seconds.)

Using photo album design software shouldn’t require the brainpower of app developers or rocket scientists. Ours doesn’t. So when you get a photo album from us, be sure to take advantage of our free software, too.

Use it once and you’re done in 30 seconds. Use it again, the way many of our returning customers do, and let’s see who breaks the speed record.

At Fizara, we don’t ever plan to leave you hanging. That’s why we don’t just offer stunning, best-quality photo albums and photo books; we also offer whatever else it takes to make sure you have everything you need to have an enjoyable experience whenever you’re with us. This includes offering you the tool you’ll appreciate most, FREE.

Using photo album design software can be a trial by fire or an ahhhhhh-some breath of fresh air. The choice is yours. We are here to make life easier for you.