6 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last Forever

Never arguing, having 99% of your lives in common, and even having children: these are all myths mixed in with relationship advice about how to stay happily married forever. But studies and conversations with people in marriages of 50+ years show that these things just aren’t true. So, what do they say? Communication This is [...]

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7 Tips to Avoid Being a Bridezilla

It’s the term every bride dreads. Part stressed bride-to-be, part monster, a bridezilla forms at the darkest hour of the wedding planning process. With vendor issues, unreliable bridal parties, and uncooperative grooms begets this creature of ugliness, spit, and unreasonable demands. Still, it is a term that is bandied about all too quickly as soon [...]

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5 Tips on Recovering from Wedding Planning Disasters

Who would have thought that planning a wedding would be far from a walk in the park? Well, pretty much everyone knows that. Disaster abounds, but nobody tells you what to do when your plans fall through or people turn out to be not so reliable. As stressful as a wedding already is, unforeseen problems [...]

Wedding Trends: Bold Color Palettes

It’s 2016 and everybody is going bold for their weddings – which includes the color palette. So you’re lucky if you're not into muted tones and pastels, as choosing a vibrant color scheme to match your personality has never been so popular. With shades and hues you would never think to put together, here are [...]

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Spring Fizara Giveaway: Win a 12×12 Acrylic Cover Photo Album (Worth $399.99!)

It's time for a brand new Fizara Giveaway for the month of April! We're pleased to offer Fizara fans a chance to win a fantastic prize from our premium album collection. Take home a customized 12x12 Acrylic Cover Photo Album, retailed at $399.99. Check one more thing off your to-do list and win this customized [...]

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