Improve Your Food Photography with Tips from a Pro

Have you ever wondered why those beautiful desserts on your favorite food blogs and in your favorite cookbooks seem to just jump off the page at you? You know, the ones where every single poppy seed tells a story; each drip of glaze – perfection. A beautiful image can make all the difference in translating […]

Meet Lauren Russo: DIY Bride Turned Designer

Meet Lauren Russo: DIY Bride turned designer. Lauren, is more than a happy customer; she’s now a Fizara album design software expert, and friend. Lauren used the Fizara Album Design software to create her wedding album, and loved the process so much, she decided to offer her services to other brides! While our software was […]

How About Using a Drone or a GoPro For Wedding Videography?

Living in the age of technology, it’s not entirely surprising to see that brides and grooms now have more options than ever for capturing their special day. One of the newest and most rapidly growing trends in wedding videography is the use of GoPro cameras or drones (one photography company calls them “quad-copters” to avoid the […]

A Little Romance for Your Wednesday

Time seems to fly when you’re having fun. We know you probably love your job, but for all of us, Wednesdays can be tough. We’re lucky enough to get to look at beautiful images all day long as customers send in their beautiful album designs, but we know not everyone is as lucky as we […]

8 Reasons to Love a Downton Abbey Wedding

Downton Abbey has us all hooked, and it’s easy to see why. The upstairs – downstairs storylines, the characters deep, dark secrets, and of course, the fashion. Vintage fashion and, of course, those antique rings, never go out of style, and now that the show is such a hit, we’re seeing a resurgence of Downtown-inspired […]