7 Bright Color Ideas for Baby Photo Shoots

You’re planning a photo shoot for your little one, but something that stands out from the rest. Once you’ve seen one baby photo album, you’ve seen them all – so give yours an injection of color and vibrancy. Here are some ideas for incorporating color into your baby photo shoot. Tutus Who doesn’t love a [...]

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10 Tips for Picking Your Bridal Party

As if you don’t have enough to worry about during wedding planning, choosing your bridal party can be a minefield. From worrying best men speeches to picking out the dresses, there is a lot to consider. Here are some handy tips to take a little stress away. 1. Ask well in advance It’s not just [...]

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Wedding Trends: Low-Maintenance Weddings

If you’re the kind of person who lives a low-maintenance lifestyle, it’s unlikely that you will be opting for a big blowout wedding. Contrary to what you may find in bridal magazines and Instagram, low-maintenance weddings are totally a thing, and a popular one, too. While it’s obvious you can save tons if you are [...]

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Steps for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cuisine

One of the key moments guests look forward to at a wedding is, of course, being fed. With old and young, vegetarian and meat-eaters, fulfilling everybody’s tastes at a wedding is a tall order. Not to mention, you want something that in some way suits the two of you and is in keeping to your [...]

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Getting Along With Wedding Planning ‘Helpers’

Unless you’re in the lucky minority, it is highly likely you will have to deal – and get along – with some of the least helpful wedding planner helpers you can imagine. Not only do you have your own mother to contend with, now someone else’s? Stereotypical as it may be, interfering mother-in-laws, difficult mothers, [...]

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