Wedding Trends: Wedding Cake Alternatives

Every part of your wedding is unique to you – the ceremony, decoration, music – so why not the cake? More and more weddings are veering off the traditional path and choosing modern, colorful, and personalized wedding cake alternatives. If you’re in the camp of the not-so-traditional, here are some delicious and decorative wedding cake [...]

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Big & Small Gift Ideas for Engaged Couples

When you are engaged, it is a time to celebrate, but often time is focused on wedding planning, and a lot of the romance and celebration ekes away, especially with a long engagement. Make sure you bring it back to what it is – the two of you commemorating your love. Here are some gifts [...]

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Wedding Trends: Summer Lovin’

Summer is well on its way, and engaged couples lucky enough to be planning a wedding have a huge and wonderful variety of themes and decoration tips to choose from. Aside from the obvious benefit of the outdoors and (hopefully) nice weather, there are numerous other advantages to be taken from a summer wedding. Here [...]

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Our 10 Favorite Wedding Blogs

The internet is awash with thousands of websites and blogs dedicated to weddings and wedding planning, so where to begin? We have made it nice and easy by compiling a list of 10 of our favorite wedding blogs. Enjoy. The Knot The Knot is a firm favorite here at Fizara. It might take you some [...]

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Top 5 Fun Milestones in Wedding Planning

Among the many ups and downs involved in wedding planning come some very meaningful milestones. Milestones that make you go “wow, this is real!”, milestones that make you sigh in relief, and milestones that are just pure fun. Here are some of the best bits in your wedding planning checklist. Booking the venue This is [...]

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