4 Quick Tips for Stocking Your Wedding Bar

Wedding planning is fun and exciting and also daunting and stressful. One of the big expenses of the celebration is the bar tab. It’s not just a simple decision of having a cash bar or an open bar: there are endless decisions about what kinds of alcohol to serve, the size of the selection, when […]

Awesome Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Want

Wedding traditions are changing. Pretty much, anything goes these days. And even though the weddings you’ll attend are likely to be just as unique as the couple getting married, some things stay the same. One of these is the wedding favor. Etiquette still seems to favor the favors. Couples want to gift their family and […]

Skip the Wedding Gifts and Opt for Cash

According to a New York Times article, engaged couples these days are choosing to skip the wedding gifts and opt for cash. I don’t know about you, but I, personally, loved registering. Picking out the cool gifts people were actually going to gift us, picturing what our home would look like with said cool gifts, […]

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Photos of the Week

Wedding season is in full effect right now with nearly every weekend booked with a beautiful event all summer long. Weddings vary so much in their styles, details, colors, and cultures, and we’re always so excited to see the beautiful images come rolling in. Each wedding is so different from the next, with creative custom […]

Anniversary Couple Recreated Their Original Wedding Photos from 1975

Photo credit: A Silent Story
We seem to hear so much about divorce these days. Every other day I hear about someone else’s and we all know the statistics. However, we can’t help but believe in forever, here at Fizara. Every time we see your beautiful wedding images, and the albums you lovingly created with your […]